How can I streamline core functions of my business without giving up value/quality?

• Automating manual processes with APIs and integrations
• Reduce tedious manual data entry
• Trigger alerts when funnel metrics are down or below the benchmark

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Actionable Intelligence

Where are my blind spots? How can I leverage my data to make better decisions?

• Use your data to drive insight and action by creating Playbooks instead of reports
• Backup every hunch or hypothesis with the data to call it a winner and confidently push changes
• Data = Money. Use it as a monetization tool

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Take the guessing work out of your ideas and strategies you want to execute

• Create frameworks and SOPs to help scale and free up time
• Set up A/B Tests with proper tracking and targets to create winning results
• Accurately determine your pricing range to meet target ROI

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How We Work


- What is you biggest pain point?
- What are you looking to solve with this?
- What have you tried so far?

LEARN & Prepare

- Identify what data and resources are needed
- Create a Strategy and define outcomes and KPIs
- Review plan together


- Implement, track, and report on Milestones achieved
- Create winning SOPs and documentation for growth and scale

Brands that have worked with us

We're passionate about how the right data can be leveraged to increase the performance of your key business operations
Approved Providers Network
The Hero Company
Red Hot Marketing LLC
Success Moments
Newave Media Management

Why partner with us?

We help you answer:
How is this being tracked?
Is this number right? Are you sure?
Can I automate this?
Is this report correct?
Align Company Objectives

Start with the end in mind. Align your company goals with your outcome. What problems are you trying to solve? What information do you wish you knew that could help you make better decisions? Business before data. Always

Data and KPIs

There is no one “Single Source of Truth”. Asking the right questions will determine“ where” that data should best come from. Think Attribution-type data Vs Revenue-type data. It usually comes in 3 sets:
1. What do I know now?
2. What do I need to know but don’t have?
3. What do I know

Tech Stack

All platforms and tools have their strong points but can rarely be used as a “one-stop shop” for all your needs. Choosing the right platform, and more importantly setting it up right from the start can save you costly mistakes down the line

Connect the dots

Leveraging connectors, integrations and APIs can help streamline and automate tasks. Knowing how to do this right can lead to faster turnaround times, less manual work, and ultimately, time saved to invest in other areas needing your attention.

We use data in every step of the way to help eCom and direct response marketers owners unlock more profit

High Ticket Merchants
High Risk Merchants
DR Marketers
Luxury Goods
Recurring Subscriptions
Coaches & Consultants

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Dimitris Lianoudakis, M.Sc.


November 23, 2021

Top 3 High-Risk Merchant Pain Points

As a merchant in the high-risk and/or high-ticket space, you will come across certain pain points. Here in this article we discuss some of the more common pain points across multiple verticals.

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So, what’s the general feedback?

Dimitris is very knowledgeable, especially as a PM and openly shared his take on topics such as what to do in the first 90 days in this new role, as well as about the peculiarities of an early venture business. I am very much looking forward for another session with him!.

- Burak Yigen-

Growth Product Manager at

Dimitris was fantastic. He was really helpful in talking through our pricing strategy. Great insights and suggestions!

- Lu Doan-

Founder at DocuDeer

Dimitris was very generous with his time to share his expertise and knowledge in the e-commerce space. In just half an hour I had full page of notes and ideas on what to try next. I'll be certainly back for more! Thank you Dimitris!

- Eugene Hauptmann -

Technologist & Serial Entreprenuer

I had a great time meeting and learning from Dimitris! He provided me with an invaluable resource/file about how to more easily plan the specific events on my website pages when they trigger etc. what names. This would really save me a lot of time and hassle, trying to think through all that stuff from scratch! Very helpful. A lot more helpful advice on Google tag manager and even provided a great perspective on my product! Very cool and thoughtful mentor! 👍

- Peter Antonov -

Technologist & Serial Entreprenuer

LP Group is a high-risk merchant advisory firm specializing in payments risk management, chargeback and fraud optimization, recurring billing and leveraging data to grow and scale your operations

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